CULINA MUNDI: With Recipes from 40 Countries

Book number: 94051 Product format: Hardback Author: FABIEN BELLAHSEN & D. ROUCH

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60 renowned chefs guide us through some 40 countries and an impressive number of appetisers hot and cold like Rhine Salmon Charlotte, Janina Crêpes and Ravioli and Hot Oyster Au Gratin to good old Caesar Salad and Tempura, Chicken Broth with Filled Corn Rosettes or Split Pea Soup with Ardennes Ham. A super heavyweight luxury volume packed with delicious colour photos on every page, here is a grand portrayal of the world's culinary heritage. It presents many well known cuisines such as those of France and Italy, Thailand and Japan, and some that may be less familiar such as those of Brazil and Cameroon on a voyage from Canada to Russia with lengthy stop overs in Europe. Flavoured with humour, great names of the gastronomic world reveal the origins of recipes and their names, share interesting details about the ingredients, clearly show the connection between agricultural produce and culinary tradition, and deliver the secrets to some culinary tricks of the trade. Photographs illustrate how to prepare the recipes step-by-step as well as tastefully presented finished dishes to awaken your senses and whet your appetite. Main dishes, desserts and pastries, more than 350 in all in this original and fascinating compendium. With practical hints, methods and cooking times, difficulty rating, number of people served and super potted history. 768 pages, 19 x 24.7cm.

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ISBN 9783848003730

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