Bibliophile publications and eBooks


Bibliophile Books wish to introduce new readers to authors they may have missed and to make use of new technology and electronic reading devices like the Kindle, iPads and mobile phones. The Kindle App is free to download onto your PC or Mac and can then be used to copy your purchase onto your favourite mobile reading gadget.

"Dear Bibliophile,

I am so very happy to see you branching out into e-books. These days my eyesight means I can no longer read normal - or even large print - books so I am restricted to those books available for my Kindle as it can enlarge type to the point of readability for me. I was sad to feel that my Bibliophile book buying was likely to be restricted in future to gifts for friends and stationery. Now I can hope for e-books for myself in the future!
Pauline K."
The first titles in the publishing programme are by members of our owner Annie's family.