Signed by the Author

Signed by the Author

Signed by the Author

Signed by the Author

Over the years, Bibliophile has known many author friends who have been kind enough to sign their books. Bibliophile sells books signed whenever possible in our family book club like those of our author friends like David Day the Canadian poet, environmentalist and Tolkien expert, historian Max Arthur, artists Helen Cowcher and Frieda Hughes, crime writer Simon Brett, Python Terry Jones, Ray Hammond, cartoonists Tony Husband and Neil Kerber, wordsmith Ray Puxley, Susan Brewer, Robin Bayley and the late great George Melly and others have all been happy to sign their books for Bibliophile. A speciality of Bibliophile is our editor/owner Annie's parents, Aileen Armitage and late step-father Deric Longden. Bibliophile has published several of their titles in eBook editions.

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Terry Jones (of Monty Python fame)


Pictured in 1997 visiting our Editor Annie at Bibliophile, Terry was a great supporter and loving friend, now much missed. They met through David Day, Tolkien expert and cartoonist Tony Husband.

He attended Annie's wedding in 2001 and 50th birthday party, both on Thames riverboats.

Gyles Brandreth


Our Editor Annie Quigley meets and makes friends with Gyles Brandreth at the Royal Warrant Holders Banquet, November 2016. They share a love of books and know people from the book trade. Gyles kindly agreed to sign his book WORD PLAY and we stocked his marvellous Oscar Wilde murder mystery series.

Aileen Armitage 

Author of 34 novels and Editor Annie Quigley's mum! Pictured Christmas Eve 2019.


David Day, Tolkien expert

At Bibliophile celebrating our Ruby 40th Anniversary 1978- 2018


Tony Husband, cartoonist



Susan Brewer


Sue and Annie have been friends for years as Sue has written thousands of blurbs for us over many years. Meantime she has written on Dolls and Girls Toys and Comics.

Alex Hamilton "Pooter" signed book 

Remember the weekly literary column by Pooter in The Times before he defected to the Guardian? It was our dear friend Alex, pictured here with Annie at Bibliophile in 2015 signing his wonderful "bedside" book. It's a Who's Who of literary talent. Sadly Alex died just one year after this picture was taken and two weeks after Annie last saw him for lunch at his home with Stephanie. Cruelly, he had suffered with dementia.



STORIES OF HOPE: Finding Inspiration in Everyday Lives
HEATHER MORRIS    Book Number: 90891
Published price: £14.99
Bibliophile price: £2.50
Product format: Hardback

"Stories are what connect us, and remind us that hope is always possible" - the words of Heather Morris, bestselling author and extraordinary storyteller of tales about survival, resilience and hop...
SALMAN RUSHDIE    Book Number: 91388
Published price: $28
Bibliophile price: £5.00
Product format: Hardback

SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR we have the 2019 US first edition of the latest fiction by the author of Midnight's Children and The Satanic Verses. Inspired by the Cervantes classic, Sam DuChamp, mediocre w...
TONY HUSBAND & PAUL HUSBAND    Book Number: 92281
Published price: £8.99
Bibliophile price: £2.50
Product format: Paperback

'How A Family Coped With Drug Addiction' is the sub-title of our dear friend the famous cartoonist Tony Husband's second book, a companion to Take Care, Son code 92287. This time Tony turns his at...
TONY HUSBAND    Book Number: 92287
Published price: £9.99
Bibliophile price: £3.00
Product format: Paperback

'The Story of My Dad and His Dementia' our dear friend Tony Husband the famous cartoonist's book about his father's long slow slide from forgetfulness to dementia is a scary, thoughtful and warm bo...
IAN RANKIN & W. MCILVANNEY    Book Number: 93633
Published price: £20
Bibliophile price: £8.50
Product format: Hardback

'Rankin completing an unfinished McIlvanney novel is a crime fiction fan's dream come true.' - Mark Billingham. Featuring Glasgow's original maverick detective, Laidlaw, number one bestselling aut...
J. R. THORP    Book Number: 93642
Published price: £25
Bibliophile price: £7.00
Product format: Hardback

One of 1500 numbered copies of the first edition (unsigned), our review copy was an early number 167 which may make this Canongate November 2021 edition collectable in the future. Care-bent King L...