SUGAR CATS: 20 To Make

Book number: 93259 Product format: Paperback Author: FRANCES MCNAUGHTON
The Siamese, a British Blue, a Turkish Van with ginger ears, spot on its back and ginger tail, Sasha a young black cat stretching after a long sleep, a rather grumpy looking Buster, these characterful cats are models made with white fondant sugar paste and sugar pearls. Mark two holes for the eyes using the Dresden tool and insert the black sugar pearl eyes. Make two ears, the cheeks and chin and a tiny piece of black fondant sugar paste for the nose. Shape the back and front legs into sausages marking three toes on each foot with a knife and lengthen the body by rolling it in the palm of your hand to about 4" or 10cm long. Dampen and attach the legs and head and stand your new kitty on her legs, keeping them apart while drying. Sugar cats and kittens in a variety of poses are made with clear step-by-step instructions and are easy and fun to make as gifts or to keep - and eat! 48 page colour softback.
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ISBN 9781782212874
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