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Who can ever forget the pretty little face of the little girl Madeline McCann who was abducted in Portugal? Or the vindication of Colin Stagg, convicted of having murdered Rachel Nickell; Hadden Clark who killed and ate a six year old child in Maryland; Robert Pickton, the Vancouver farmer who fed his female victims to his pigs; the murder of Meredith Kercher in Perugia (was Amanda Knox guilty?); Lindsay Hawker's gruesome death in Japan; Josef Fritzl and the cellar in which he imprisoned and raped his daughter? Marilyn Monroe - was she murdered by the Mafia, the FBI, or the CIA? And Snowtown where body parts were found in a disused bank in South Australia, leading the police to mass murderers. With his forensic eye, the excellent researcher Nigel Cawthorne provides fascinating accounts of crime scene experts with shocking evidence revealed. Relying on cutting edge technology including genetic fingerprinting, blood-spatter analysis, laser ablation, toxicology and ballistics analysis, here you will find detailed accounts of these high-profile contemporary investigations and older cases recently reopened. 453pp, paperback.

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