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'You're all fallen women. You've sowed the seed of Satan. You are nothing.' When Mary Creighton found herself pregnant at just 15 out of wedlock in 1960s Ireland, she dreamed of a happy life with her child, but found herself sent away to Castlepollard, a home for mothers and their unborn babies. Stripped of their clothes and forced into gruelling work, those women who survived childbirth were made to force-feed their children for adoption into wealthy families. Babies were ripped out of their mother's arms, but Mary refused to let that happen to her. She managed to escape only to later lose her beautiful daughter to social services and the meddling nuns, who always caught up with her. After spending time in an infamous Magdalene Laundry, and having two other children snatched away, Mary sought to demand answers for the atrocities committed in God's name. Hundreds of babies died and are still buried in the grounds of Castlepollard today. 325pp, paperback.

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