DOG: Portraits of 88 Dogs and One Little Naughty Rabbit

DOG: Portraits of 88 Dogs and One Little Naughty Rabbit

TEIN LUCASSON    Book Number: 92914    Product format: Hardback

A smiling white whippet wearing a Tudor ruff and lace collar graces the front cover of these artistically refined portraits of dogs which look like Old Masters. In humorous, almost philosophical texts, Tein Lucasson gives each of his animal protagonists an unmistakeable character, from the Labrador to the Pug, the Spaniel to the Dalmatian dressed as Wellington, the little Italian Greyhound with her big doe eyes dressed as Greta Garbo with a shy, all-knowing look, in full Tudor costume with human hands, slim and always happy, "Maisie has been widowed four times and lives on bottled grape juice to keep herself slim and happy (in a spaced-out way)". With text in English, German and Italian on the facing pages opposite the full page colour portraits of these anthropomorphised mix of dogs of many breeds, poodles and terriers and pugs and mongrel in a sailor suit, our favourite must be Olive, standing upright as a pensive young bride she is another white whippet. Truly a dog lover, this artist is rarely seen in Great Britain and you will either find this icky or adore his 88 quirky, humorous portraits by the talented graphic designer and digital photographer. A quality teNeues publication, 192 pages, 22.23 x 28.7cm. All in colour.
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ISBN 9783961712519
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