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"Dogs have owners, cats have staff." Gone are the days when your cat could expect to prowl the streets at night and come home to a bowl of tinned food. Today's cat is a pampered feline surrounded by luxury products. The author wants her cat, Sushi, to feel she is queen of the palace, kindly entertaining her human as a guest. After traumatic events such as getting her teeth cleaned, Sushi always has a therapy session with the cat psychologist, sometimes receiving medication for depression, though this has led in the past to a 12-paw detox programme. Sushi has her own diamond tiara and a pink rhinestone collar, as well as a number of outfits for special occasions. This big and lavishly illustrated book shows how your cat can be like Sushi, starting with "Fashion and Accessories" in which a range of beautiful felines show off their luxury lifestyle. A long-haired white cat models a gold lame jacket, a hairless Sphinx has a heavy silver collar while another simply wears pearls. A handmade necklace by renowned artisan Dorothy Bower is matched by a Swarovski crystal tiara perched on the head of a cross-looking Persian. A range of boutique toys for cats is showcased here, with mobiles and mazes being pursued by an adorable blue-eyed Siamese. Architecture and Interiors features a top-end range of chairs and sofas made from the finest quality fabrics and fur in styles ranging from Louis Quatorze to Frank Lloyd Wright. When it comes to dining, cats are notoriously fussy, and the range of bowls here includes a signature folding Goyard travelling bowl. A section on Beauty and Wellness features shampooing, acupuncture and cat perfume. 220 pp, colour photos throughout, text in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian. Sources given for featured products. HUGE, 25.4 x 3.18 x 32.39 cm.
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ISBN 9783832792244
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