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The current 2020 collection features seven subsidiary characters from Giles's portfolio who sometimes appear in his cartoons but are not part of the main storyline being illustrated. They are there to amuse the cartoonist and include the Parrot, a present from the children to Grandma in 1980 and who had a very disruptive impact on the family's life pulling out electrical leads and on one occasion even answering the telephone. Stinker was the son of a neighbour and gets into all sorts of mischief. Rupert Bear with his checked trousers and matching yellow scarf was often hanging by his neck from a light fitting or doorknob! Bewildered baby George suffers from being the only child of an over-anxious mother, Vera, who is usually shown suffering from some ailment or other. Butch the dog is often involved in various catastrophes, observing with dismay and surprise and sometimes amusement. From the mid 60s, frogs suddenly arrive on the scene, sometimes as toys, and look out for the mice from December 1965, possibly included after their arrival at Giles's own farm or one of its outbuildings. Big full page cartoons with clear captions and date of appearance in the Sunday or Daily Express from the 1960s to the 1980s. 150 cartoons to extend your Giles collection. Paperback.

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