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What does it mean to be a knight in shining armour? This book, curated by the former senior curator at the Royal Armouries, describes how knights evolved between 1200 AD and 1500 AD in English and European history. The chapters will look at knights' organisations, training, armour and weapons as well as their campaigns and battles. Learn how early knights were fighting men but the concept of 'chivalric knights' emerged in the 12th century when they were denoted for their horsemanship, their respect for women, and their protection of the church and the weak. Discover how Lords had their familia ('family') of paid household knights which meant they were available at short notice and were useful for those in conquered or turbulent regions such as the Marches on the borders with Wales or Scotland. Looking at the 14th century, understand that knights and squires served in several different contexts, whether they were household knights, feudal troops, volunteers or mercenary-style paid fighting men. The cultural importance of chivalric knights is also explored in the book's chapter such as the sub-Roman Arthurian tales with the medieval knight who was a brave and bold adventurer seeking the Holy Grail that only the purest would attain. Another section looks at the politics of knights including the Wars of the Roses in which there was a revival of the 'Commissions of Array', a summons of town and county militias which required men to be 'well and defencibly arrayed'. The book includes fantastic images, such as a rendering of Sir Geoffrey Luttrell from between 1335 and 1345 in which he receives his lance and helm from his wife while his daughter-in-law holds his shield. There is a diagram of a knight from around 1210 which shows his iron scale armour, conical helmet, iron prick spurs and an array of swords. The book includes stunning pictures of artwork depicting battles including the battle of Agincourt (as imagined in 15th century) and another 15th century illustration shows John II of France captured by English soldiers during the battle of Poitiers in 1356. 7.6" x 7.9", colour images, 194pp.

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