EPIC BEASTS: Create, Colour, Customize

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A mega-monstertorium packed with 10 pencils in different colours from green and blue, bright florescent orange, red, purple, grey and taupe, two of which are in glittering metallic hues and two vivid neon. Use the tear-out cards to customise and play the Epic Beasts Slam card game. The ultimate guide to colouring and drawing awesome monsters, here are tips from experts on how to create fur, spikes, scales, add cool steampunk parts and other accessories and instructions for making and playing with your own monster cards. It is a modern fantasy-themed colouring and activity kit where some of the creatures are fantasy ogres and giants, other more dragon like, others more weirdly imaginary whether the fur is rich or shiny, mangy or matted from battle, the choice is yours. With techniques including hatching, stippling, cross hatching and scumbling, ideal for creating scales. Tear off sketchpad softback, hardback cover.

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ISBN 9781488916137
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