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Magic, religion and science are intertwined, and archaeology teaches us as much about ancient settlements and cultures and the history of magic in the human and spiritual world. 'From the steppes of Mongolia to the palaces of London and Paris, from prehistory to today, told through the lens of magic that has always existed alongside and within religion itself, here is a gripping ride of astonishing span. There are colourful characters, shaman, witches, kings, esoteric rites and revelatory research in this highly entertaining historical treasure trove' says Simon Sebag Montefiore. With his own magical touch, Gosden brilliantly reveals the place of magic in human societies from the Ice Age to the present day and this is of increasing relevance as we witness the growth of extreme cults in the post-truth era. Chapters include Magic in Mesopotamia and Egypt 4,000-1,000BCE, Chinese Magic 20,000BCE to the Present, Jewish, Greek and Roman Magic, The Magics of Africa, Australia and the Americas and Modern and Future Magic among them. There is a timeline of the global history of magic and many maps and illustrations including tomb artefacts throughout the text. Penguin paperback, 482pp.

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ISBN 9780241997871

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