ROUTING: A Woodworker's Guide

Book number: 94776 Product format: Paperback Author: STUART LAWSON

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Get routing with this extraordinary power tool which can be used for virtually any woodworking task, from smoothing surfaces and trimming edges, to making joints and cutting grooves. The range of projects to help you use your machine to its full potential include large and small tables, a housing jig, small circle jig, end-trimming flush trimming, mortise, trammel and box-combing jig. Some of these wonderfully simple machines can cut perfect circles and are easy to control or trim the likes of solid lipping, through-tenons, dovetails and comb joints to within about 0.1mm of flush. Includes very useful glossary, conversions, preparations and methods, table anatomy, bearing-guided cutters, template-guided routing and other techniques to transform the way you work and improve your enjoyment of the whole process. A Guild of Master Craftsmen publication, 176 large pages in softback, 21 x 27.6cm. Hundreds of colour photos.

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ISBN 9781784944421
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