COASTS: Amazing and Extraordinary Facts

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The Moon's mighty pull, the power of wind and water, castles and sculptures of art on beaches, arches and monoliths and caves, spits and barriers, fossils and footprints, seaweed and rockpools, jellyfish and guillemots, sand dunes and salt marshes, walruses and dolphins, lighthouses and smugglers, hill forts and pillbox fortresses, Punch and Judy and holiday camp fun, seaside gardens to sea serpents, selkie tales, the weather and ghostly vessels to how Dracula arrived in Whitby. In every season our coasts are magical places bursting with energy and never the same at any passing minute. Violent storms can strike, jellyfish sting and quicksand engulf the unwary. Every step of the 12,000 or more miles sculptured by winds and tides has wildlife to enjoy, human creations to admire, and a wealth of stories to tell, and on every page of this book we see that our coast is truly an amazing and extraordinary place. 144pp, very well illus. New full price publication.

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ISBN 9781910821398
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