HIDDEN NATURE: Uncovering the UK's Wildlife

Book number: 94661 Product format: Paperback Author: ISLA HODGSON

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A book about Britain's wildlife, how to discover it and the adventures we can have with it right here on our doorstep. In a world where nature is slowly being replaced by technology and material things, every single one of us could do with appreciating the flora and fauna that we have. To spend time in the outdoors exploring, searching and learning teaches us that there is life beyond out laptops and that it needs our help. Written by a young conservationist who details her own small adventures travelling in the UK in search of wildlife encounters, from ancient forests and coastal wildernesses, to bustling city streets an suburban back gardens, nature is everywhere if you know where to look. In her engaging and witty prose she has beautiful descriptions of wildlife including beaches, woodland, island and urban spaces detailing the best places to spot wildlife, tips and animal 'etiquette'. We meet seals and seabirds, whales and dolphins, understand dune systems and sparrowhawks, estuarine wildlife, ospreys and insects, hen harriers and moorland life, red squirrels, bats and owls, foxy city slickers, a graveyard that's very much still alive, garden birds and insects and how to encourage them into your garden. Best of all are the original illustrations and fabulous colour photographs by the author who has featured on BBC Wildlife and New Nature magazines. 192 big glossy pages in softback.

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ISBN 9781526708922

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