GARDEN WILDLIFE: Revealing Your Garden's Secrets

Book number: 94658 Product format: Paperback Author: GERARD CHESHIRE

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A new way to accept the return to the old way of looking at our gardens as natural and wild spaces and allowing nature to reclaim them a little. Divided into mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, invertebrates and plants, the book begins with foxes and badgers, often seen in gardens, one relying on scraps and the other finding room for digging a sett. Stoats, hedgehogs, shrews, squirrels, bats and rats, crows, thrushes and starlings, tree sparrows with their noisy chirruping call and chestnut coloured crown, ducks and geese before we move on to a very brief section on the common grass snake, frogs and toads and then fish like the minnow, the quintessential stream fish and the eel which travels out to sea for several years before returning to our rivers having reached adulthood. Finally, beetles, ants, wasps and bees, dragonflies and damselflies and all manner of moths and beautifully coloured butterflies displayed in a gallery of colour photographs. Worms and centipedes and a note on plants like algae and mosses, these hundreds of colour photographs and text are printed on glossy quality paper. Large softback. 136pp.

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ISBN 9781526751522

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