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Books about yoga tend to be modelled by people with perfect, slender bodies, but in fact yoga is for everyone and this inspiring book brings standard techniques within the range of people who may not be physically perfect specimens - that is, almost everybody. As Dianne Bondy points out in an introductory chapter, most people do not recognise themselves in the thin, flexible, white models who are the result of a carefully crafted aspirational image. The authors of this book firmly believe that all bodies are yoga bodies. Teachers should look at the language they use in relation to people's bodies, and learn how to adapt yoga poses to fit different shapes and sizes. For instance, the downward facing dog pose can be done with hands on the floor as the body raises to make a V, but the hands can also be supported with a yoga block, or you can reduce the bend further with hands on a chair. The Plank, another sun salutation, may be done with similar variations. Conversely, the Warrior Pose can be adapted to more challenging load-bearing stretches. The Lunge With Thigh Stretch is an intense pose for breath and endurance, and can be done against a wall or with a chair. The Head To Knee pose need not be done to its fullest extent, or may be modified with a bolster. Backbends are a good example of a movement which is difficult or impossible for some body shapes, but with yoga blocks supporting the thoracic spine the pressure on the back is relieved. Also challenging is the Bow Pose, with hands on the heels behind the downward facing body, and this can be modified by doing it only on one side or using straps. The Handstand and its many variations are among the most challenging moves, together with poses such as the Rock Star with a Kick or the Firefly, but there are ways of making it easier. The final sections include meditation practices using mantras, body appreciation meditation, and templates for creating sequences for your own practice. 254pp, softback, colour photos.

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