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More than 450 breeds of horses are recognised in the world and 567 breeds, types or populations of horses, including types that are not truly breeds, are described here with 600 superb colour illustrations showcasing them. The treatment of breeds is organised by country within broader geographical regions of Northern and Southern, Western and Easten Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Central Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, the Far East and Southeast Asia, North, West, East and Southern Africa, North America, Central America and the Caribbean, South America and the horses of Oceania. Each has measurements of weight and height, distribution, origins and history, character and attributes, uses, and current status, anatomy and physiology, variations in breed and modern equestrian practices. The writing style is refreshingly straight forward, and the clever design and handsome illustrations of this unique single volume encyclopaedia will serve nicely both on the reference shelf for all artists, breeders and nature lovers. Incredibly detailed, there is for example on page 15 an introduction to horses' coats ranging from black and mealy black, bay and bay dun, palomino, café au lait, spotted, roan, iron grey, pinto, dapple black and white, brindled and of course white, cream, grey, chocolate. We see the characteristics unique to horses like larger eyes, long translucent hairs called vibrissae, small horny growths which are vestiges of a toe that disappeared during evolution on the inner side of the leg known as ergots, and curly horses with supple, wavy manes and tails found in rustic breeds of ancient origins. There is also a look at the main equestrian disciplines, the feral population and rare horses where there are fewer than 5,000 individuals in the world and very rare horses where fewer than 1,000 individuals are alive. But best of all are the spectacular colour artworks throughout, many full page with the descriptions to the left in colour and line art, and many with background settings or carriages and riders, full page beautiful contemporary colour photographs such as a Scikós rider in traditional costume and a Nonius horse, Hungary. Extra large size and heavyweight in quality, a Princeton University Press publication 22.9 x 5 x 28cm. 536pp.
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