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'A Beginner's Guide to Cultivating Healthy Plant Care Habits' whether you are bringing home your first plant or already tending to a healthy row of green on your windowsill, your expert guide gives accessible tips and sage advice. In a big bright and breezy colourful large softback, we start with a short history of plant evolution, what makes a plant a house plant, plant nurseries and distribution, becoming a plant parent, your lifestyle and home, the five best first plants and the elements of plant care like food, re-potting, moving your plant, age and growth, propagation and making more plants, and sickness. Experts from nursery hedge growers to online content creators have contributed. One of the many colour photos shows a skylight keeping a bookshelf full of plants drenched in filtered, bright light. A wild pothos plant is an opportunistic climbing vine which hails from French Polynesia, perfect for hanging baskets. There is the popular snake plant, rubber plants, spider plants, ZZ plant (an East African succulent), staghorn fern from Australia with its architectural shape, the Chinese money plant, flowering begonia plant, common palm, zebra cactus and runner tree with its green and red foliage and of course the ever popular monster plant or Monstera. For each there is a note on light, water, temperature, level of care and whether it is safe for children or pets. Last of all there is a Planting Journal to record your plant by its nickname, common or Latin name, date brought home, pot size and diameter, environment, watering, soil and root health and notes and observations through the seasons. A glamorous 192 page softback published by Princeton Architectural Press. Colour photos.

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