KHMERS: The History and Treasures of An Ancient Civilization

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This is the history of the Khmers, the people who for thousands of years inhabited the wooded interior of Cambodia. 150 years ago the representatives of imperial France were astonished to find half-buried within the jungle the still magnificent ruins of vast temples. Justly described as one of the wonders of the world, these were the remnants of the once great Angkor Empire. Since then, archaeologists and historians have attempted to piece together its history. This book presents the rise of Angkor which is usually dated to the early 9th century and the accession of Jayavarman II, although the consolidation of the Cambodian nation, marked by a record of impressive religious constructions, was a fitful process begun many years earlier and continuing over many centuries. By the 11th century the empire claimed dominion over large parts of Thailand, Vietnam and Laos and this book describes its organisation, the daily life of kings, priests and farmers and the work of the craftsmen who created in stone and bronze the imperial and religious centres of power. Interspersed with great events and dramatic figures, the book presents both the classic vision of this civilization and the latest theories about it and includes incisive anecdotes. Superbly well illustrated with full page colour photographs with captions explaining the complexity, the decorated figures and pillars, four-headed images, citadels, enclosure walls, exquisitely detailed carving stones, reliefs, the provincial capital, central towers and anthropomorphic statues with monkey heads and more. Large softback 29.85 x 33cm, 208pp, colour.
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