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Following a successful career as an award-winning, best-selling novelist, in 2004 Lisa St Aubin de Terán retreated to a remote village in northern Mozambique. There she found her own African roots, founded a charity, and confronted new challenges. Much has been written about her life and escapades with a trio of Venezuelan exiles, life on an Andean hacienda, her return to literary fame, and two decades living in a crumbling Umbrian palace. But despite all the media hype about her, she managed to hide much of her actual life. Now, like the Japanese art of kintsugi, in this new memoir Lisa puts the shattered pieces of her life back together, filling in many of the dramatic, and often scandalous, gaps. While her life has been said to be stranger than fiction, it is fiction that has kept her afloat. This autobiography sets the record straight and shows a writer who for over half a century has enjoyed following her dreams, even when those dreams outdistanced her reach. Lisa St Aubin de Terán is the prize-winning Anglo-Guyanese London-born author of 20 books, including novels, short stories and nonfiction. Much of her writing draws on her varied life experiences. And time warps, rural communities, isolation and grace under pressure are still the dominant themes in both her life and work. It has been featured in the Times and the Sunday Times also she is appearing on BBC Radio 4 Woman?s Hour and reviews will be in The Daily Telegraph, Lady Magazine and featured heavily on social media. Famous along with Salman Rushdie and Rose Tremain in the 1980s, wild child Lisa disappeared from the London literary scene for over 20 years. She has now returned with a suitcase full of her writing - this hugely enjoybable and curious autbiography, and a bunch of novels! She was neighbours with Eric Newby and a voracious reader, described by a school teacher as a "fatherless half-caste", she adored her charismatic father. Publication date 24th January. 326pp, 234 x 153mm. New Full price hardback.

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ISBN 9781914278129
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