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Your starter for ten: I need a single-word name here. Thought to have been invented at the French Court in the 17th century, which woodwind instrument has a double-reed mouthpiece and derives its name from the French for 'high wood'? 'The Dry Garden' and 'The Damp Garden' are books by which pioneering garden designer and writer? The winner of ten successive gold medals at the Chelsea Flower Show for the 1970s, she died in 2018, aged 94. The work of the Scottish engineer William Roy played a prominent part in the founding of which government agency in 1791? Its two-word name includes a term for military stores or artillery. Over 400 pages of trivia, behind-the-scenes detail, and a raft of questions to test your knowledge. Where Are They Now? features reveal what notable contestants went on to achieve. Since 1962, University Challenge has brought TV viewing the most taxing questions on television and now you can relive some of its most gripping moments as well as test your own quizzing ability with this unique book. Nearly 3,000 questions including complete sets of questions from iconic episodes, interviews with question setters, famous contestants and producers, whether it is Wolfson Cambridge versus Balliol Oxford 2017 or Reading versus Imperial College London 2022. Complete with answers, thankfully. 408pp, colour photos from the TV show.

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