UNICORNS: Believe In Magic

Book number: 93851 Product format: Hardback Author: SUMMERSDALE PUBLISHERS

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'Unicorns is a little gift book of cartoon unicorns and equally cartoony unicorn based phrases such as; "sorry I'm late - I saw a unicorn!', "you either believe in unicorns or you're wrong" and "I'd rather be a unicorn". "It is full of brilliant quotes and my favourite ones are probably "I poop rainbows" and "Unleash your inner Unicorn", though they are all brilliant, funny and catchy one - liners. The large letters are easy for children who learn to read and the colourful pictures are warm, funny and totally sweet." "It's a colourful bit of fun and would make a lovely gift for a little girl in the early stages of reading". Who says unicorns aren't real? Life's never dull when you have a unicorn by your side. These sparkly friends bring magic into our lives, from the tips of their magical horns to the swishy ends of their rainbow tails. Enter the awesomely cute world of tubby white unicorns, and whatever anyone says - don't stop believing! 6-8 year olds or adults! 14.61 x 14.61cm. The 96 pages are thick and easy to handle.

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ISBN 9781849539562

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