LOST ENGLAND 1870-1930

LOST ENGLAND 1870-1930

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From the Historic England popular series by the historian who has researched incredible photographic archives and who here selects 1,200 of the best images depicting the yards and alleys of Georgian and Victorian London and Britain, the maze of medieval streets, transformation of shopping areas and lost buildings. Once sleepy villages and market towns during this period were engulfed by a tide of development - Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and Leeds exploded across the face of England and railways wrought massive changes as their iron tentacles spread across the landscape. By 1900 nearly 80% of England's population lived in urban areas, compared with just one third 100 years earlier. Ranging from 1870, the midpoint of Queen Victoria's reign, England was entering the Great Depression. Education became a statutory right, putting children at school desks rather than setting them to work. Women were being given control of any wages they earned and they began their long fight for equality. European rivalry accelerated and Britain's industrial and commercial pre-eminence was challenged by foreign competition. It was the age of the internal combustion engine, the telephone, radio, and aviation lay just around the corner and photographs were now able to record the moment. Most were taken to provide a permanent record of areas which were vanishing, and the quality of the images are of the highest quality of the time showing early railways, coaching inns, horse-drawn travel, the offices of the White Star Line Liverpool 1898, mock Tudor homes in Port Sunlight model village, Knebworth, fishermen's towns like Newlyn Cornwall 1907 with women and children and a man at work, New Street Station, grand civic buildings and town halls, Fry's chocolate in glamorous shop windows, tea rooms and formal gardens, back-to-backs, puppet shows and village life, markets and railway workers, Windsor Castle and Stonehenge with silk top-hatted gentlemen visiting, a windmill being demolished, watermen selling water with a bonneted child alongside her parents and his cart. The images are grouped by Northwest, Northeast, East Midlands, West Midlands, East England, South and Southeast, London, South and Southwest. A spectacular heavyweight large volume 10" x 11¾", 560 glossy pages.
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