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'Your Guide to a Happy, Well-Behaved Dog' is the sub-title of a book by a man who has worked with hundreds of clients and their dogs all over Britain and Europe covering a wide spectrum of behaviours from many breeds and difficult situations with varied attitudes from the owners. You will be amazed at how simple and effective Nigel's methods are and every dog owner will want to reach a greater understanding with their dog. Every dog desperately wants to be understood by their human family so that they are able to relax and enjoy their life. Dogs which exhibit a wide range of behavioural problems from pulling on the lead and not listening when called to aggression and nervousness put the human dog relationship under strain. The book is a narrative that reveals the key principals to securing your dog's wellbeing. One side relies on stimulus response training and the other school of thought believes that an understanding of wolf behaviour is critical to understanding a dog's motivation. Once your dog can assess your reactions and trust your decisions, it is reassured about the world around it and your dog's confidence will grow in every situation. We look at techniques to reduce your dog's state of anxiety if it does arise, to reinforce your position as an effective decision maker, and teach your dog self control. This means we need to examine leadership style, management of situations and mindset. The book covers training models, language, issues with food, perceived dangers, dogs that do not get on with each other, attention-seeking behaviours, rough play, separation anxiety, the walk on lead and off lead, obsessive behaviours, toilet issues, children and puppies and managing other people. Packed with new and vital information no matter what age, breed or history of dog. 227pp, paperback.

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