GOOD HOUSEKEEPING: Simple Cleaning Wisdom

Book number: 93658 Product format: Hardback Author: CAROYLYN FORTE

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A little goes a long way and spending five or ten minutes a day doing simple tasks like filing your paperwork, wiping down appliances and shower walls will make deep-cleaning easier when the time comes. '450 Easy Shortcuts For A Fresh and Tidy Home' is the sub-title of this glamorously designed handbook covering cleaning basics, the kitchen, laundry and clothing care, bedrooms, family rooms and home offices, the bathroom, the garage and outdoor spaces and finally stain rescue for shoes and carpets and upholstery whether removing the stains from berries or chewing gum or mustard or lipstick. Block, sponge, scrape and tamp and stock your cupboard with essential supplies like baking soda, acetone and rust remover. Hang shelves and put up peg boards, give your medicine cabinet a makeover, be a labeller and a shredder to maximise your space, clear away dust and purge paperwork, zap stains and kill odours, keep a mini vac handy, clean your chopping boards and blenders and coffee makers and follow super tips to a sparkling kitchen. Packed with savvy shortcuts, 201pp in large beautifully designed handbook packed with colour photos and diagrams. Save £10.

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ISBN 9781618372482

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