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'The Psychology of Courage and How to Be Brave', this powerful book explains why good people so often do nothing. Have you ever regretted being silent? Who hasn't? In the face of discrimination, bad behaviour, evil and abuse, why do so many good people fail to act? Pioneering psychologist Catherine Sanderson uses real-life examples, neuroscience and the latest psychological studies to explain why we might be good at recognising bad behaviour, but bad at taking action against it. With practical strategies to transform your thinking, this book shows how we can all learn to speak out, intervene, think outside the group mentality and ultimately become braver, more decisive versions of ourselves. She explains the misperception of stacked odds and personal powerlessness that stops individuals challenging bad behaviour and discrimination on public transport, workplace fraud, sexual harassment, school bullies and more. She uses insights from academia, the torture chambers of Abu Ghraib, and crime scenes of police brutality, and analyses the powerful forces that drive human beings to act against cruelty, injustice and human suffering. With a sweeping breadth of research, Sanderson also gives us hope. 260pp, paperback.

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