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Among zillions of Dr Who books, this one stands out as being one of the most original, showcasing artwork created by 100 fans illustrating Dr Who stories from the First to the Twelfth Doctor. The Time Lord has been travelling across the galaxies in the Tardis for thousands of years, but we start in 1963 when two teachers follow their mysterious pupil Susan home and instead find themselves inside the Tardis. A superb facial close-up dominates the accompanying illustration by Kevin Parrish, with the Tardis itself and the school in the background. Still in the same series, the Daleks are encountered for the first time on the planet Skaro, living in protective metal survival machines after a nuclear incident, and realised in an impressive design by Wayne Whited. A number of illustrations focus on the war machines, particularly Wotan, the universal problem solver and self aware thinking device masterminded by Professor Brett. There are depictions of the continuing Antarctica Adventure, and a selection of brilliant illustrations of the Thals and Kaleds at war in an irreversible cycle of mutation, closely followed by the terror of the Zygons. With the Fourth Doctor the Skarasen known as the Loch Ness Monster, a huge armoured cyborg, is revealed, and the Fifth Doctor lands the Tardis on earth in the 26th century, only to be pitted against the cybermen, effectively illustrated in their metallic blankness. Later that year the Doctor manages to land the ship in the Dalek territory of London's docklands, and there is an accomplished drawing of the genetically engineered human Stien who accompanies the Doctor into the time corridor. The Sixth Doctor, with Peri, visits Britain's industrial revolution, and the Tenth Doctor accompanied by Rose discovers a parallel version of earth while millions of Daleks are released from the Genesis Ark. Clara and the Twelfth Doctor meet Robin Hood and the story brings us to 2017 with Bill as his new companion. 208pp, full-page illustrations, most in colour, on every double spread, list of contributors.
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