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For high-beginner to low-intermediate language learners, this is a brilliant Teach Yourself trademark series title for foreign language students - and we have selected two titles (Italian too) for our Bibliophile readers. The short stories include 1000 of the most frequently used words to help you progress confidently from beginner to intermediate. With accessible grammar you learn new structures naturally without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. Authentic spoken dialogues help you learn conversational expressions and improve your speaking ability. Chapter summaries and comprehension questions help you follow the plot and vocabulary lists help you quickly look up unfamiliar words without interrupting your flow. From science fiction and fantasy to crime and thrillers, this is an unmissable collection of eight captivating short stories for adults and young adult readers carefully written to provide a sense of achievement and progress when reading. With introduction in English followed by the illustrated stories which are each only a few pages long. 224pp, paperback.

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ISBN 9781473683259

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