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Over one million copies have sold and now we have at last acquired the new 20th anniversary edition to sell at a bargain price of this classic sex education book for school children ages ten and up. Very well illustrated with colour drawings, completely up-to-date, it answers lots and lots of questions which young children will be asking about their changing bodies, growing up, and sex. Straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender, all kinds of bodies are explained with sex organs, body, puberty and hormones, taking care of your body, new and changing feelings and masturbation. It moves on to families, babies and children, genes and chromosomes, kissing, cuddling, touching and sexual intercourse, pregnancy, birth, other ways to have a baby and a family, abstinence and contraception, abortion, and the law, texting, messaging, emailing and being online (helpful, fun, creepy, dangerous), talking about sexual abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and AIDS and staying healthy, and making responsible choices. The birds and the bees have never looked quite like this, and after watching those scary birthing films of 40 and 50 and 60 years ago at school, nowadays millions of young people (ages 10 - 14) have turned to this honest, reliable, accurate and up-to-date and accessible colour handbook. 21x26cm softback, 96pp, colour illus.

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ISBN 9781406356045
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