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Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, The Emperor's New Clothes and The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids are the three much-loved and one not so well known stories recounted in this rather special big board book. The story is abridged on the right side and then a famous scene from the story depicted in a 48 piece jigsaw puzzle on the right page - slot all the parts in and store them there when finished. Hansel and Gretel approach the gingerbread house with the old lady at the door, the animals in the forest looking on, even washing on the line next door, a glorious waterfall and a prince on a white horse trotting across a bridge. For Cinderella there is the golden carriage waiting as she flees down the steps, pursued by the prince and loses her golden slipper. The Emperor is not quite naked wearing some kind of pink frilly knickerbockers as the townsfolk looks on aghast; and lastly the wolf dressed as the shopkeeper knocks at the door where the nanny goats children peep through the crack and see his coal-black feet. There is no jigsaw for this one. Designed for children ages five and over, CE safety approved and designed to develop fine motor skills, awareness and logic. They are also great fun for jigsawers of any level and age, and collectors.

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