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Sub-titled 'The Story of the James Bond Producers', Albert R. "Cubby" Broccoli, and Harry Saltzman, who remain the most successful producing partnership in cinema history. Together they were responsible for the phenomenally successful James Bond series, and separately, they brought kitchen sink drama to the screen, made a star out of Michael Caine in the Harry Palmer films and were responsible for the children's classic Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. But their relationship was fraught almost from the very beginning with such contrasting personalities and their interactions often spun out of control. They managed to drive away their coveted star Sean Connery and ultimately each other. Broccoli was feted as Hollywood royalty whereas Saltzman ended up a forgotten recluse. The book charts their changing fortunes and the clashing personalities of two Titans of the big screen. "We fight with the distributors, we fight with the agents and we fight with each other" Harry Saltzman once said. Cubby was the large warm, Italian New Yorker and Harry, a tough pugnacious Canadian - together they created fireworks and chemistry that gelled. Cubby was the calmer of the two, the diplomat, while Harry did most of the dirty work, laying down the law. Great cinematic history, and tons of name dropping. Illustrations, 287 pages.
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