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Bibliophile is thrilled to find copies remaining to discount of this huge and beautiful book of the work of England's most famous topographer, Thomas Moule. The series of country and city maps he produced in the 1830s are 65 engraved maps of great refinement and quality and their protracted life is evidence of their popularity. His work is celebrated as the very last decorative series of county maps to be published and have become highly collectable as single-sheet frameable pieces. This volume presents the author's original county text descriptions for the first time since original publication and his original Introduction. In some cases a city map is included and descriptions explore Moule's work alongside the rapidly changing cartographic production methods and the consequent explosion in mapmaking, and at the same time railway mania which was taking place. Influenced by mapmaker John Speed, with extensive heraldry and vignette views of buildings and monuments, Moule's deep interest in, and stylistic application of, Gothic architectural elements was part of the wider appeal. Original place names, churches, monasteries, roads and parishes, rivers and inland navigation are extensively listed, and the hills of England with districts of red sandstone and red marl, and low water beaches. England has four points of strength, he observes - two are her coal and her iron, two of them are moral - freedom of the press and trial by jury. Beginning with Bedfordshire, turn the volume on its side to admire the glorious graphic design, borders, exquisite handwritten place names before moving to glorious Cambridgeshire and a map of the town and University of Cambridge. Cornwall, Cumberland, Plymouth and Devonport, Durham, Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire, Lancashire, Leicestershire, Boston, the Plague and the Fire of London, the City of Westminster, Monmouthshire, Northumberland, Shropshire, Staffordshire, West Moreland, Wiltshire and ending with the Yorkshire East Riding, 55 county and city maps included with full text in lavish colour publication. 15" wide 12" tall.

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