WATER, LIGHT, TIME: 45 Postcards

Book number: 92375 Product format: Unknown Author: DAVID DOUBILLET

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Award-winning underwater photographer David Doubilet has chosen 15 images (each repeated three times) including photographs of spotted dolphins in the Bahamas, pompano fish feeding in the sands off the Virgin Islands, a beautiful pink jewel anemone growing near New Zealand's Poor Knights Islands, swirling fish around a diver, a cheeky dolphin coming to the camera, bare human feet on the seabed, beautiful coral reefs and an extremely beautiful red striped turtle gliding in clear waters off a tropical island. A quality publication from Phaidon Press, this first edition collection is presented in a sturdy clear plastic wallet for safe keeping before you select one of the 15 images in glorious colour on these expensive-looking large sized postcards, 45 in total. Fantastic value for money.

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ISBN 9780714842271

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