Book number: 91818 Product format: Paperback Author: IRENE NORTHAN

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A stand alone novel from a powerful and poignant Devon saga set in Brixham. Amy Kennedy moves from Lambeth Workhouse to Devon alongside her closest friends Seth, Jed and Daisy, the girls becoming housemaids, and the boys taking on an apprenticeship in fishing. But life is not the safe haven they had hoped for. Although Amy finds a happy escape from her difficult job in the arms of handsome Daniel Newton, not all of the arrivals fare so well. Seth flounders in the harsh realities of working as a fisherman, and Daisy faces abuse at the lecherous hands of her employer. As tragedy strikes they each face repercussions that their days as orphans could never have prepared them for. A welcome reprint, 394pp in paperback, of the 1991 original.

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ISBN 9781800324947

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