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The author of such classic novels as The Portrait of A Lady, The Turn of the Screw and Daisy Miller, Henry James (1843-1916) here takes readers from the American towns of upstate New York to villages in rural Tuscany. Our guide is a curious, engaged observer not only of streets and landscapes and cathedrals but also of paintings and plays and the characteristics, national, social and individual of the people we encounter at his side. He is a formidable travel companion whether on a trip to Lake George or an afternoon visit to an art exhibition in Paris from Burlington, Newport and Niagara, a European summer in Lichfield and Warwick, North Devon, Wells and Salisbury, from Chambery to Milan, from Venice to "Strassburg", the after-season at Rome, autumn in Florence, Tuscan cities, Ravenna, London sights and theatres and Scotland. The period of travel around Europe in 1869 lasted 15 months and when he came home again to Cambridge Massachusetts, Henry James was 27. He writes particularly lovingly of Italy and we travel with James in these pages in an unhurried holiday with a thoroughly seasoned, supremely cultivated, acutely intelligent companion. Word by word, phrase by phrase, James's long, purposefully meandering, beautifully detailed sentences will guide you around the curves of country roads, up the steps of a mouldering castle, into the quiet of a rural inn or the bustle of a grand hotel. Don't forget your deerstalker hat, bonnet and steamship tickets! US first edition 2016 with 280 desirable roughcut pages and chapter heading illus.

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