Book number: 91059 Product format: Paperback Author: ALEX GERLIS

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A Wolf Pack spy thriller by 'a master of spy fiction to rival le Carré' - David Young. War is coming to Europe. They must be ready. British spymaster Barnaby Allen begins recruiting a network of agents in Germany. With diplomatic relations quickly unravelling, this pack of spies soon comes into their own - the horse-loving German, the young American sports journalist, the mysterious Luftwaffe officer, the Japanese diplomat and the most unlikely one of all, the SS officer's wife. Despite constant danger and the ever-present threats of discovery and betrayal, Allen's network unearths top-secret plans for a new German fighter plane, and a truly devastating intelligence prize - an audacious Japanese plan to attack the United States. But can they prove it? The race is on. 374pp, paperback.

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ISBN 9781800325579

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