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'What My Listeners Say and Why We Should Take Note' is the premise of this enjoyable memoir from an entertaining raconteur. A keen candidate on Strictly Come Dancing, presenter of Eggheads, Points of View, Crimewatch, interviewer and brother of comedian Tim Vine, on his popular BBC Radio 2 lunchtime show, Jeremy Vine has taken over 25,000 listener calls. He has decided to take stock of the wisdom his listeners have imparted over the airwaves like the man who describes getting an infection on his genitals after touching a fish, a caller arrested for being naked and why he was annoyed about it, a futuristic robot that comes into the studio and won't even turn on, a man who cooks and eats dolphin live on air in 2015, George aged 75 describing his sex life, a caller admitting to having shot and killed several cats, an item about the murder of a village goose, possibly by a sniper, and a caller not happy about cows living outside a nightclub in Bristol. It's clearer than ever before that caller wisdom is far more valuable than most of what we hear from 'the experts'. Totally unvarnished and unspun, the ordinary person turns out to be not so ordinary after all and here are the moments of truth from the world of politics, war, Brexit - and it always helps to make people laugh. A hilarious account of Jeremy Vine's life, by way of musings on everything including love, lollipop ladies, Len Goodman and poisonous plants. 340pp, paperback, colour photos.
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