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Published in association with The National Gallery, we explore the world's greatest artists in 100 visually stunning puzzles. We zoom in on focal points of famous paintings by Degas like Combing the Hair, match the missing grid, find the twins, work out which is a fake or fortune. Many jigsaws have missing pieces where two small squares have been removed from a painting and five duplicates made of each of them. Can you identify which is correct? Discover little known facts about masterpieces like Canaletto's Venice: The Grand Canal and the quality and level of light in Rembrandt's Self Portrait at the age of 34 and the graceful postures of the figures in Piero della Francesca's The Baptism of Christ and the glowing skin with pallor perfection and blushing pink at points of Velázquez's naked woman in The Toilet of Venus. There are quizzes by century, several versions of artworks, but are they by the same artist? Answer which artworks founded or is the exemplar of a new artistic school, which artworks show an imaginary location or a fictitious one, which artworks are considered worthless and which artworks were previously owned by another well known artist, which are by women or created by a high-ranking aristocrat and which artworks show a location that still looks the same today? Constable's The Hay Wain or Millet's The Church at Arbonne? Mythic, cryptic, obscure, with answers at the back, a very glamorous 240 page large paperback, hundreds of colour illus.

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ISBN 9781787399303

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