SLEEP: 50 Instant Exercises For A Restful Night

SLEEP: 50 Instant Exercises For A Restful Night

DR. ARLENE UNGER    Book Number: 91430    Product format: Paperback

Sleep is something of a mystery and we feel instinctively that it does our minds and bodies profound good. Generally the brain seems to use the hours of sleep to sort and analyse new knowledge, solve problems and make strategies, and we are primed to ensure that we get sleep when we need it. The effect of melatonin is not just to send us to sleep at regular intervals, but also to align our body clocks with the onset of night time. The good news is that sleep problems are treatable, and it may not be a question of taking medication. Many of the book's 50 strategies involve 'visualisations' and are drawn from three psychotherapeutic techniques. They are emotional brain training, cognitive behavioural therapy, and mindfulness-based stress reduction, which can be successfully used in conjunction with each other. We go through the sleep cycle four to six times a night - light, real, deep, restorative and REM sleep. Ensure your bedroom is conducive to sleep, you have a restful evening and avoid excessive alcohol or heavy foods which might end up disturbing your night. With a bit of dark time your body will learn to take the hint and make you sleepy before you go to bed. Breathing, tensing and relaxing muscle groups, loosen and relaxing your body, you will mentally prime your muscles to relax and enjoy the sensation of release. Clean sheets, getting up with the rooster, enchanted forests, skywriting, floating bed, pillow talk, mastering your dreams, here are checklists, positive thoughts, pain relief, and this book is the perfect size to keep on your bedside table and give you a helping hand to drift off. 160 beautifully designed pages, colour photos and decorations.
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