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From the Wizards Presents series this rare fourth edition preview is a behind-the-scenes exploration of the D&D game. It is a lavishly illustrated 96 page large softback which gives role playing game fans a unique glimpse into the making of the game with essays and commentary from the game's premier designers, developers and editors. They explore the most iconic locations and monsters and share insights never before revealed in any game product. There are staff thoughts on the preview to the fourth edition - good intentions, a high five moment and fun things, crunch time, writing monsters. There is beautiful artwork in full colour like the Hobgoblin fortress with skulls and faces, a Troll, the Mind Flayer Thrallkeeper, Spined Devil, a colour artwork of the curvaceous Githyanki, the Astral Sea seemingly floating through air and a rift to the elemental chaos with fiery colours and dark broody background. The line art of the monsters in the art gallery is superb, like the skeletal Tomb Guardian and Gargoyle Strangler and characters from the Shadow Fell like the Death Knight and Shadar-kai, a full page image of Orcus. These colour and line artworks are truly spectacular and at this price could be removed from the book for framing. 96 page extra large softback, a rare import.

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ISBN 9780786948024

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