PET SHAMING: Photo Cards For Cats

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5" x 7¼" wipe clean hilarious slogan cards, use a wipe clean pen to reuse and present to anyone who has been naughty. Designed for our feline friends who are caring, loveable creatures until they break all the rules, just place the card next to your cat after their mishap and before you have tided up and take a photo! TODAY I ATE..., OOPS! IT WASN'T ME!, WANTED! REWARD: I AM A SMELLY CAT, I DID IT...AGAIN, FEELING UNDER THE WEATHER, SNORE!, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, CAUGHT IN THE ACT!, TODAY I FOUND..., GRUMPY CAT DO NOT DISTURB!, I REFUSE TO USE THE LITTER TRAY, I WENT MISSING FOR DAYS, I SCARED, MY NEW HIDING PLACE and a Cat Identity Card for the name, date of birth, colour, distinguishing features, temperament, likes and dislikes of your kitty. A quality item of stationery, kitty fun designs and sturdy cards, a super way to make a memory. Apologies if stickered.

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ISBN 9781783706037

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