Book number: 91803 Product format: Paperback Author: DEBORA MACKENZIE
A Financial Times Science Book of the Year sub-titled 'How Covid-19 Can Help Us to Save Humanity.' You could not hope for a better guide to the pandemic world order than Mackenzie who has been on this story from the start. Her readable and authoritative explanation of how this could possibly happen, and more importantly how it will happen again if we don't change, deserves a read. The Covid-19 pandemic has left a trail of loss, misery and economic ruin in its wake. With such destruction, can there be a silver lining? As science journalist Mackenzie illuminates in her eye-opening book there is one - with the lessons learned from this disaster we can avoid going through a nightmare like this, or worse, ever again. Here she lays out the full story in gripping detail, the previous viruses that should have prepared us, the shocking public health failures that led to this catastrophe, the wrong decisions made at every turn. Employing what we have learned about viruses, vaccines, inequality, global cooperation and more, Mackenzie charts a bold and optimistic path forward for protecting humanity from threats to come. It is a heart-pounding telling of the misadventures and the responsibilities of countries to work together to fight disease. 353pp, paperback.
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ISBN 9780349128375
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