CBD HANDBOOK: Over 75 Recipes for Hemp-Derived Health

Book number: 90096 Product format: Hardback Author: MELISSA PETITTO, R.D.
Cannabidiol is used for a wide variety of ailments, mainly related to pain relief, and can be bought in the UK from pharmacies and health food outlets, though care must be taken with dosage and the form in which it is ingested. An introduction outlines the various forms in which the oil can occur, including a chart of dosage by body weight, and we learn that the author herself cooks with full-spectrum CBD infused into a fat- or oil-based product. The recipes start with breakfast, where Hearty Breakfast Potatoes are fried in CBD coconut oil with the addition of garlic, onion, peppers and a range of spices. Other breakfast dishes include Simple Egg Scramble, Glazed Blueberry Muffins, Cinnamon-Baked Doughnuts, and CBD Avocado Toast. Mains are equally mouthwatering, with a bias towards vegetarian dishes, though they also include Shrimp Summer Rolls with Sweet Chilli Sauce and Fish Tacos. Each recipe can be adjusted to use different ingredients. Side dishes include Spinach-Artichoke Gratin and Roasted Ginger Carrots, and there are accompanying drinks such as a Calming Berry Vanilla Smoothie and a Rum Thai Iced Tea. Pet snacks are not forgotten, with a choice of 10 treats, and the book concludes with Self-Care recipes, including Face Masks (of the cosmetic type), toners, exfoliation scrubs and a massage oil. 160pp, a beautifully produced book with colour photos of every recipe. 20 x 24.2cm.
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ISBN 9780785837862
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