BEGINNERS: The Curious Power of Lifelong Learning

BEGINNERS: The Curious Power of Lifelong Learning

TOM VANDERBILT    Book Number: 91138    Product format: Hardback

'A thoughtful and stirring look into the art and science of lifelong learning. Currently, I'm learning Gaelic, dressmaking and how to lay floors. Last year, I was knitting and coding. I'm fifty, and not supposed to be a beginner anymore - according to society's conventions - but Tom Vanderbilt turns that flawed assumption on its head...' - Rose George. Discover why learning is good for us and how to develop a Beginner's Mindset, no longer exclusive to the young, in a book that bridges the small, tricky gulf between enthusiasm and action. Fascinating and challenging, learn new skills along with Tom as he tackles skills under the tutelage of professionals in singing, juggling, chess, surfing and drawing. Be prepared to fail over and over and enjoy along the way the anecdotal records of Tom's experiences, many interesting and fun, and many with his young daughter, and among the nuggets in the book are insights from scientists and experts. We revere expertise but look down on the beginner, but why are children the only ones allowed to experience the inherent fun of facing new daily challenges? What could this do for your brain? 300 pages.
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