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Sub-titled 'A Practical Guide to Mental Health', the Sunday Times bestselling author provides a lively accessible guide which is comforting, reassuring and insightful with her wise and warm words. Bryony Gordon is one of Britain's most high-profile and trusted mental health campaigners. In her book she shares advice and guidance based on her own experience of mental illness which far from damaging her has left her stronger, wiser and more resilient. Here are the basics from sleep, food and drink to work and even breathing, understanding your relationship to these key parts of life being vital to addressing your mental health. There are thoughts about different types of therapy, medication and support options which can be overwhelming. Knowing who to ask for help and how can make all the difference. Exploring day to day anxiety, stress and intrusive thoughts, Bryony tackles worry head-on and provides tools and tips for how to manage it. From the isolation of lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic, to the pain of recognising and ending toxic relationships, and also the comfort and sense of wellbeing that comes from supporting others, understand which connections are worth nurturing and which you can let go. A book to make you feel a little less alone. With resources for addiction, OCD and other emotional support charities and organisations and a revised section on loneliness during lockdown. 242pp, paperback.

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