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Detective stories read in bed, meeting a friend, sipping a gin and tonic, buying music, looking at an old photograph, playing charades, books and music and furnished houses, Shakespeare rediscovered, walking in a pine wood, frightening civil servants, family silliness and domestic clowning, playing with small children, looking through a stereoscope, planning travel, reading in bed about foul weather, comic characters, quietly malicious chairmanship, lawn tennis, orchestras tuning up, dancing, blossom, buying books, cooking picnics, departing guests. Each self-contained essay is a joy to read, a little 'delight', just as J. B. Priestley originally intended over 70 years ago. In 'Timeless Mornings' Priestley muses, 'There is one kind of morning in early summer that is for me very special, the most delightful of all mornings. The sun is up and blazing somewhere but not visible yet down here, where there is a lot of gold mist about and the birds are singing from lost thickets.' Unabridged, over 100 joys and pleasures in this 1949 classic. Reprinted paperback, 256pp.

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ISBN 9780008585709
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