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By the bestselling author of 'Reasons to Stay Alive', here is a guide to living and finding hope in these disjointed times. It is a collection of aphorisms and inspirational stories of survival, maxims, memoir and meditation celebrating the ever-changing wonder of living. 'Nothing is stronger than a small hope that doesn't give up.' 'You were born worthy of love and you remain worthy of love. Be kind to yourself.' 'Once upon a time, my father and I got lost in a forest in France...At school, I had just been told the Bible story of the Israelites who had died in the wilderness and I found it easy to imagine that that would be our fate too.' 'If we keep going in a straight line we'll get out of here,' my Dad said. And he was right.' If you are in need of a boost of positivity, and calm, this is profound witty and uplifting with stories a few lines long to a few pages long. 260pp.

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