PETS ROCK: More Fun than Fame

Book number: 92917 Product format: Hardback Author: MARK AND KATE POLYBLANK

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Imagine your cat dressed as Elvis with a wild gleam in his eye and pulsating hips, or your prim and proper guinea pig kitted out as our dear late Queen, with a slightly disapproving stare and a bit of a twinkle. The artworks blend comic-con and the global celebrity phenomenon with our fascination with anthropomorphising pets. All your pet fantasies come true in this bewitching volume, where your pets "live their best lives" through the medium of fantasy. Michael Jackson in his trademark frogged jacket regards us mournfully in the face of an uncanny canine lookalike, while David Bowie as a Zigzaggy Starman looks out of the frame with his customary detachment. Ozzie Osbourne in purple specs and Gothic gear is perfectly captured by a jowly Labrador. From the world of film, Captain Jack Sparrow is a spiky black feline with high boots and a swagger, Miss Piggy has a personalised pink handbag and red bow, while a guinea pig as Count Dracula sports impressive prosthetic teeth - or are they actually his own? Sherlock Holmes and Poirot are easily identifiable by the deerstalker and moustache, the yellow eyes of Sally Bowles look out from beneath her trademark hat, and a white feline with spectacular false eyelashes makes a fabulous Marilyn, contrasting with the Blues Brothers glowering at the reader on a nearby page. Clint Eastwood's narrowed eyes beneath the battered brown hat convey the swashbuckling hero of dozens of westerns, Del Boy is unmistakeable under the check cap, Tommy Cooper has his fez, and we go back to our guinea pig friend for Dame Edna Everage with sparkly flyway specs, purple hair and a dress encrusted with bling. World leaders include the Pope, Churchill, Mother Teresa and Donald Trump. No page numbers, but about 80 fantastically costumed pets. 25 x 32cm. Text in English, French and German.
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ISBN 9783961712489

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