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Symbolism is all around us whether religious, as insignia, symbols of historic heritage, nationalism in Druidic monuments like Stonehenge, in religious traditions, alchemy, magic and rituals. Rosicrucians published a symbolic representation of the Emerald Tablet in 1875, a circle, symbolising oneness and unity with the words' initial letters spelling out the secret of alchemy, VITRIOL. The hands symbolise an oath and above the hands are seven planets. The Sun and Moon pour life substance into a chalice which is supported by Mercury. The three shields are the three principles - sulphur is the lion, salt the seven-pointed star, and mercury the eagle. The chalice symbolises water, the lion fire, the eagle air, the star Earth. To the modern reader, grimoires usually refer to computer and fantasy games but originally they were books of instructions produced between the 13th and 15th centuries written by devout Christians containing much information about guardian angels and their teachings. Grimoires also offer spells, charms and talismans and users were keen on finding treasure, flying, becoming invisible and influencing the course of love affairs. Lengthy rituals were recorded enabling adepts aided by angels to conjure spirits and demons. Ceremonial magic required purification and preparation and robes were worn and various knives, swords, wands, candles, salt and wine were required and water and herbs prepared in containers. Chalk was needed to draw circles, triangles and other shapes. This broad very well illustrated visual history covers symbolism in art, heraldry, guilds, livery and companies, religious symbols, world calendars and time, fertility figureheads and fire, plants, food and the natural world, geoglyphs, pyramids, spirals, mazes, circles and the wheel, light, music and dance, the stars and the zodiac and more. 256 glossy pages, hundreds of colour illus., large square softback.
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